Grades & Sashes

Shi’hing Kung Fu has long operated on the older Chinese methodology when it comes to the sashes.  We have only 2: ‘White’ for Ji / Kyu grades and ‘Black’ for Degree level students.

Gradings are referred to in colour and rank standards of white-brown for Ji /  Kyu levels. This is maintained simply for ease of discussion and is not reflected in a new sash being issued each grade.

There is a very strict minimum time served set on each grade, ranging from white-yellow as only 1 month to the brown to black being a minimum of 12 months. Even once this time has passed there is no guarantee you will be ready to take the grading.

You must be able to perform all of the syllabus and have accurate knowledge of what has come before, ie, a 1st Degree student must be fluent in all Ji / Kyu levels and be able to perform any set move upon request.

Each time you pass the required time frame you will have the opportunity to be ‘mock graded’ in order to assess your readiness to both the assessor and more importantly yourself.

It is important to note that grades are not only based on what physical moves you can remember, but the studies of the art and of Qi.  Your personal conduct is also taken into account. If you are disruptive or show disrespect in any way to other students this will impact on your readiness, self control and discipline are a large factor in training in any martial art and something that is a focal point of Tian Kai.

Order of Grades / Sashes in Tian Kai Kung Fu

1st Grading; 6th Ji / Kyu; Yellow

2nd Grading; 5th Ji / Kyu; Orange

3rd Grading; 4th Ji / Kyu; Green

4th Grading; 3rd Ji / Kyu; Blue

5th Grading; 2nd Ji / Kyu; Purple

6th Grading; 1st Ji / Kyu; Brown

7th Grading; 1st Degree; Black