Q: Do I need any previous experience in martial arts?
A: None at all. You are welcome to join the school if you have had previous experience, or have never tried martial arts before.

Q: Can I watch a lesson before I join in?
A: We operate with no outside distractions to students so do not allow spectators. This is also for prospective members, as some are put off joining in due to seeing a manoeuvre they would feel they were unable to perform.  You can’t judge it by watching, you have to participate and you’ll be surprised what you are able to accomplish.

Q: I have a disability, can I join?
A: Due to the level of physicality in training this would be specific to each individual and the extent of the disability. For example if you have a sight or hearing impairment you would be encouraged to try, however if you are wheelchair bound then the art would not be considered suitable for you. If you are interested just call us and discuss your concern in confidence.

Q: In a family class do adults train with the children or alongside?
A: Seniors will work alongside Juniors, each working with their peers. We would not be asking 5 year olds to throw 30 years olds or vice-versa, no matter how fun that may be to watch!

Q: What should I wear to train in prior to being a member?
A: Loose, comfortable clothing (no jeans or jewellery) and soft soled shoes such as trainers. However, if any techniques require mat work, you will be asked to remove your shoes.

Q: How often are gradings held?
A: There is a minimum requirement of time spent specific to each grade before you are able to grade up. You can view more details about gradings and sashes here.

Q: Am I (or my child) going to get hurt or injured practicing martial arts?
A: While it isn’t possible to prevent all injuries in any activity, our martial arts program is designed to help students slowly and safely increase flexibility and strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments. Proper training actually has the effect of making you less prone to injury. Additionally, we advocate the philosophy of “partners not opponents” among our students and we are highly committed to maintaining a safe environment.

Q: Do you spar in class?
A: Rarely.  However, whenever we do practice sparring, it is done using protective wear however is not part of the working syllabus of Tian Kai.

Q: I’m nervous about joining, will I feel out of place?
A: It is natural that everybody starting a new class will feel slightly nervous and our instructors are experienced in recognising this and will put you at ease right away.

Q: How are classes paid?
A: On a nightly basis.  Please ensure that you bring your fees to class with you.