Codes of Conduct

• Behave honourably. Always treat others with respect.
• Practice humility. Recognise that you are a member of a group sharing common goals, and that progress is always achieved as part of a team.
• Never use profanity in class.
• Always exercise self-control. Never lose your temper or react in anger.
• Set a good example. Your behaviour always sets an example for students in lower ranks.
• Practice cleanliness and order.
• Always listen attentively to the instructor.
• Come early to class. It is always a good idea to give yourself extra time. Prompt and regular attendance shows respect to your instructor and fellow students.
• Remember that your actions outside the school reflect its character and spirit. You are an ambassador of your school.
• Progress is never alone. Help others improve and succeed.
• As you advance, ego is a constant enemy. Remain humble at all times.
• Bow when entering and leaving the hall and mat area.
• No talking while an instructor is talking or demonstrating.
• No chewing gum or eating in class.
• Sparring is not a game or a contest. There is no winner or loser. The goal is to learn, not win. You do not have an opponent, you have a partner. In the real world, escape can be a victory.
• Practice at home whenever possible.
• Have a clean uniform on and have your sash tied correctly when you enter class. If you are wearing an undershirt, it must be tucked in your pants.
• Have fun! You’re a part of an extended family – take care of one another