Coach Michael

What are your credentials?

  • 1st Degree Black Sash (Senior)
  • 11 years with the school
  • 5 years as Senior Leader within the school
  • 6 years as “Coach”

When did you join Shi’hing Kung Fu?

I joined in 2007

Have you ever studied any other form of martial arts?


What interested you in Kung Fu as a style?

At the time of me joining Shi’hing Kung Fu, I was looking for something to help me relieve stress

How would you describe your teaching style?

I focus on skill development, and ensuring as close to perfection before moving on

What do you like to teach?

  • Self defence
  • Forms / Patterns

Do you have a favourite technique(s)?

I really enjoy anything self defence.  Put me in a lock / hold of some sort, and I will look forward to “escaping”.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn a martial art?

You’re not expected to be Bruce Lee from day one.  You will always perform something better than you did the last time.  Everyone has to start somewhere…  I’m sure there’s a proverb along those lines…