Welcome to Shi’hing Kung Fu’s membership page.  This page shows a step-by-step process of what happens when you first enter the school.

  1. Enquiry is made about starting training with Shi’hing Kung Fu.  Enquiry can be made via phone, website, Facebook, or face-to-face, during a training night.
  2. Arrive 10 minutes prior to the class, on a Monday evening, wearing loose, comfortable clothing (tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and soft-soled shoes, such as trainers or plimsolls).
  3. Complete a membership form.  This form is a basic personal information sheet, and covers any health and medical conditions that we need to know about.  The information on the form will not be shared with any third party what-so-ever, and will be kept safe throughout your duration with the school.  If you leave Shi’hing Kung Fu, the form will be destroyed after 6 months.
  4. Join in with the class, and have fun!
  5. The first 4 weeks are considered as your induction period.  This is to consider if:
    1. you enjoy the school, and would like to become a full member
    2. you are a suitable candidate to have join the school as a full member
  6. On the 5th week (you will be notified on week 4), you are required to purchase a membership.  This is mandatory, and is a one-time payment, and includes the following:
    1. School t-shirt
    2. Kung Fu trousers
    3. Sash
    4. Licence and Grading Book
    5. 12 months insurance