Monday’s at 17:45-19:00

This is a mixed class of both Juniors and Seniors.

Our Juniors start from age 7*, and focus on the fundamentals of self-defence and Kung Fu, whilst ensuring all students learn a high level of respect and self-discipline.  There is a lot of team-building exercises, and Juniors are encouraged to work closely with the Seniors in the class, to help them work well with all ages.

Our Seniors usually start from the age of 16, however some Seniors may be younger at the discretion of Master Ai Aimi.  In the past, we  have had some younger people be treated as a Senior student, due to their height and maturity.  Senior students focus on self-defence, Kung Fu, forms and weapons studies; whilst increasing fitness and endurance levels.

Costs:  £5 per student, per class

*Some children under the age of 7 are welcome to join the school at the discretion of Master Ai Aimi.