Good morning 🙂 I am pleased to announce that Mondays are going to be bigger and better from Monday, 22 August 2016!
Although I have exciting news for the Kung Fu school, it does bear a small amount of bad news. Our Thursday evening, adults only classes are no longer running, however, we are now running an adults only class immediately after our family class on Mondays!
Details as follows:
17:45-19:00 – Family class (for ages 4½ to adult)
19:00-20:00 – Adults only class (for ages 15 plus)
Prices are to remain the same:
Ages 4½, 5 and 6 – £2.50
Ages 7 to adult – £5.00
If you are an adult attending the family class, and wish to carry on with a more intensive training session immediately afterwards with our adults only class, we have a special offer for you… Train in both classes for only £7.50!
Your little one(s) are more than welcome to remain in the class, on the carpeted area, as colouring pages and pens / crayons will be provided.
As usual, if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us using the usual methods.

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