Welcome to Shi’hing Kung Fu’s official website.

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Shi’hing Kung Fu (formerly the Shi’hing School of Kung Fu) is owned by 6-time World Champion, Master Ai Aimi – one of Englands only female Masters’ of the art. The school was established in January 2003.

Shi’hing Kung Fu teaches a fairly new style of Kung Fu, called Tian Kai, which is loosely based on the Hung Gar syllabus, and has adapted some other movements from other Kung Fu styles to ensure that each technique is more suitable to the Western, and modern day culture.

Besides the obvious and well known benefits, such as self-defence, physical, mental and health benefits, correct Kung Fu training generates positive results in every aspect of life – better focus, motivation, increased self-confidence, self-discipline, stress management, calmness under pressure, strength of character and more.

The training at our school includes:

  • Solo, partner and group drills traditional hand and leg forms
  • Weapons forms
  • Self-defence
  • Strengthening and conditioning
  • Confidence building
  • Respect for others and self-respect
  • Self-discipline

The school offers a relaxed training atmosphere, and as we are mainly a family based school, the classes are enjoyable and are very suitable for beginners to martial arts. Teaching is at the students’ own pace, and you will always be encouraged in everything you do.